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surface to solid problem

By saba on 28 Mar 10:21 3 answers 0 comments


i had a .stl file. i use curve wizard to find curves.

after that i found the curves in 3d sketch, i used surface loft.

now i have a surface loft.

how can i have a solid part?thank u


sketch.rar, 215 KB

3 answers

  • saba
    saba over 2 years ago

    hi Ridwan
    thank u so much.your tutorial is very useful.thank u so much.
    i have two questions:
    how can i convert this to solid body?should i use thicken?
    and how can i find the sizes of this positions.i will send u the file.
    thank u so much.


    sk2.rar, 306 KB

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