Tutorial : How to import Google sketchup in to solidworks ?

Here is a short video how to do it. http://youtu.be/KyI-V4NLs28
You can find exported files here : Tatra 815 crane Sketchup to SW tutorial
Have a look on this model how good or bad this method is.
It work only with sketchup PRO.
The import time can be more than 30 minute and more.

To know more, about DWG import in Solidworks go here : http://grabcad.com/questions/tutorial-how-to-import-autocad-dwg-file-into-solidworks

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Another great tutorial thank you Marcus

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In your video the model seems to load into SW very quickly. I have tried this conversion with a couple different models now, but they seem to take a very long time to convert all the entities in SW. I have a model trying to load right now that has been running for 45 minutes. Does this have anything to do with how a model is made in Sketchup? I did notice that a lot of Sketchup users have drawn their models 10 times bigger or more than real dimensions.

While this model is trying to load, SW is generating hundreds of planes and thousands of sketches for references. Any idea why my experience is looking so different than yours?

Just for reference if you want to see what I mean this is the file I'm trying to load: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=53502c15c30d06496e4e9b7d32a4f90d

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Yes Aaron it is normal, be video is in description written that it have take 30 min.
I have INTEL CORE QUAD Q9200 2,4 GHz
I write it naw here too.

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Aaron your model is 2x larger than was this tutorial model.

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"If" you happen to get a nice model to import into SW, the result is not very good. the disconnect between polygon models and, well, everything else is just too much to interpolate. A model looks like this if it has a lot of curves.

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If you like this tutorial , than click It worked Thanks,

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importing DXF and DWG isn't limited to the pro version of SU.
there are several free plugins that can compensate if you're running the free SU.

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Mesh to NURBS is the #1 most mis-understood problem in the entire 3D graphics world, and especially on forums where most people have little understanding that this process cannot be done. I get this question 3+ times every day since 1996 and write a 5 page response to all people. Rather than send that longer + more detailed response, I'll refer to this posting. Most people on forums don't believe my comments but that is due to lack of understanding about mesh vs. NURBS/solids data. There is no magic to importing mesh data into SolidWorks, and all those cheap plug-ins from India just pull the wool over your eyes. My IGES exporter has the same "trick", which I added in 1994, to turn each triangle into a bilinear NURBS surface but that would never be used by anyone.


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