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tutorial : how to open solidworks file in autocad?

By Mech Amine on 19 Dec 11:56 2 answers 1 comment

tutorial : how to open solidworks file in autocad?

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  • Harvey Fonseca
    Harvey Fonseca almost 4 years ago

    In AutoCad-2012 version, you can directly import by choosing the IMPORT option. The files that can be imported are - 3D Studio-*.3ds, ACIS-*.sat, CATIA V4-*.model;*.session;*.exp;*.dlv3, CATIA V5-*.CATPart;*.CATProduct, FBX-*.fbx, IGES-*.jgs;*.jges, Inventor-*.jpt;*.iam, JT-*.jt
    Metafile-*.wmf, Micro Station DGN-*.dgn, NX-*.prt, Parasolid Binary-*.x_b, Parasolid Text-*.x_t, Pro/ENGINEER-*.prt*;*.asm*, Pro/ENGINEER Granite-*.g, Pro/ENGINEER Neutral-*.neu, Rhino-*.3dm, SolidWorks-*.prt;*.sldprt;*.asm;*.sldasm, STEP-*.ste;*.stp;*.step and All DGN Files-*.*

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