how i do open future file in solidworks?

i need this.

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Pretty much not possible.
Sometimes you can get lucjy and upgrade to the latest service pack for your release, and it might open a file from the next release, but that has never been the case for me.
Generally the best you can do is import a step or parasolid of the file. You loose the feature tree though.
One thing you can do with imported files is use FeatureWorks to try and rebuild the feature tree, but this works best on simple parts. You are not going to import a parasolid of a car body and receive a full feature tree.

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Backworks is a SolidWorks Add-in that will allow you to save your files back as far as version 2012. It Is also able to open and save future versions of SolidWorks.
This product can be downloaded from the link below and has a free trial offer. Backworks has worked great for me in the past.


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neutral format can be used for see future version in older version software. and also can used backwork for solidworks.

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