What is the real functional difference between "Geometrical Set" and "Ordered Geometrical Set" in Catia V5?

Seeking for the practical difference between these two types of sets.

Thanks in advance.

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Ordered geometrical Set: it depends what you do first, second,... like in an BODY. It makes a difference if you first Filet, then Draft (or Shell) or the other way round (First Draft then Fillet)
Geometrical Set : more like a Windows Folder. It is for structuring your Modell.
If you are working in Hybrid Design (mixing surface and solids in the Same structure you can should use OGS.
Dassault prefers using Ordered Sets
If you are working for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW it is FORBIDDEN to use Ordered geometrical Sets. Hybrid Design is also FORBIDDEN.


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People who wants to use Ordered Geometrical Set or Hybrid Design should have a clear view of what they really want to do because after it could be a big mess.
You get better organisation with Geometrical sets, because you can create one for your skeleton and then one for the creation of each surfaces you need. it gives a more comprehensive design for the one who look after your design.

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Hi Stephane,
Thank you for the info.
Well, that gives an overall idea too.

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hey thank u stephenne 4 ur info. can u have CATIA V5 tutorial with u? if u have mail me >>>>

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when i add a part in my product(insert - new part). i get ordered geometrical set by default. how do i stop getting that ogs in my part.

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