What was your first computer?

I wonder how many of us used pc286 or Commodore64. are there anybody who protects it still :)) I asked 'what is your first design' before and came interesting answers:))

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First home computer - Commodore Vic 20 - programs stored on cassette.
First PC - 8086 - DOS, no hard drive, two floppy drives, 512K memory.
First CAD PC - 286, DOS,10M hard drive, 640K memory, AutoCAD 2.5, green on green monitor

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Atari 800, I also had the FLOPPY 810. I remember the floppy costs about 500 US$

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First computers TSR-80 cassette tapes for storage, and Commodore 64 with a floppy drive.

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My first PC was an 8086 Samsung, using 5inch floppy disks, no hard drive, and a CGA screen.

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PC286, 16MHZ CPU, 1MB RAM, 20MB HDD, 5" floppy (B), Hercules monochromatic 14" monitor. :)

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1.27 GB HDD
intel 120 processor
Trio64V + S3 Graphics
BELINEA 14 "monitor

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commodore 64 with cassette and later floppy disc
first pc was Pentium pro 200mmx 32 mb ram

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