Why am i getting a different result, remote load vs force

So i'm testing a sheet metal part, and with a remote load, the FOS was 1.6, quite high.
When testing the same part(mesh, restraints and material were the same) with a directional force, the FOS came to 0.94?

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:)))) So many questions and I believe that there's going to be more.
What you need is nice set of tutorials from solidworks to cover the basics regarding the simulation. I have interesting video tutorials in this area and I can send it to you later this day. Who knows you might find something useful there :)))

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Evaluate your setup. Look at how the remote was connected to the component. Look at how and where the forces were applied; was it specified nodes or an overall surface? How was the remote force constrained in space?

There are too many variables for anyone to accurately give you an answer.

Here's a bit of advice I have learned over the years:
"If the results are completely unexpected and seem off-base, the setup is probably poorly established"

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