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How to Create Animate Lighting in KeyShot

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    You’ve probably seen commercials or animations where the lighting moves across the vehicle or product accentuating its lines and curves. It’s a fabulous way to bring life to the product you’re showcasing and it couldn’t be easier to create in KeyShot. In this three minute step-by-step and video, you’ll see two ways of animating lights in KeyShot 3. One approach uses an Emissive material applied to an object that moves across the scene. The other approach uses an animation applied to the model and the camera. Both are extremely easy and give you a perfect to create dramatic lighting using KeyShot.

    Animated Lights in KeyShot

    To create an animated light in KeyShot, there are two approaches you can take.

    Approach 1: Emissive material

    Insert a plane or sphere and use a translate animation to move across the model.
    Apply an Emissive material to the sphere/plane, increasing the intensity and disable ‘Visible to Camera’ in the Advanced settings.
    In the Project, Setting tab, enable ‘Global Illumination’.

    Approach 2: Animated environment

    In the Project, Camera tab, set up a camera view and save it.
    Apply a 360 degree Orbit to that camera.
    Add a 360 degree turntable to the model going the opposite direction.