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How to Create Cloudy Plastic Material in KeyShot

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    Have you ever wanted to create a material that had the appearance of cloudy plastic? This type of material would be used for packaging, plastic lids, storage containers and other slightly transparent parts. In this quick tip Brian Townsend shows you how to create any color cloudy plastic with varying levels of clarity using the ‘Advanced’ material type

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    Cloudy Plastic Material in KeyShot

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    Creating a cloudy plastic material couldn’t be easier. With KeyShot, you have an Advanced Material. Double-click on your part, select Advanced from the material type pulldown and you’ll see a set of options that provide complete control over the appearance of the part. There are three settings you’ll adjust – Diffuse, Specular and Specular Transmission. This translates to:

    Diffuse – level of cloudiness
    Specular – intensity of highlights
    Specular Transmission – opacity and color of transparent plastic


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