BS1192 part 5


BS 1192 is the British Standard that establishes the methodology for managing the production, distribution and quality of construction information, including that generated by CAD systems, using a disciplined process for collaboration and a specified naming policy. BS 1192 is applicable to all parties involved in the preparation and use of information throughout the design, construction, operation and deconstruction throughout the project lifecycle and the supply chain. BS 1192 relies heavily on the Code of Procedure for the Construction Industry, published by CPIC.
The principles for information sharing and common modelling are equally applicable to building and civil projects. BS 1192 is also a guide for developers of software applications to enable them to support its implementation through the provision of configuration files or application add-ons.

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    Standard Number: BS 1192:2007
    Title: Collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information. Code of practice
    Publication Date: 31 January 2008
    Cross References: BS ISO 12006-2:2001, BS EN ISO 4157-1, BS EN ISO 4157-2, BS 7000-4, BS EN 82045-1, BS EN 82045-2, BS EN ISO 13567-1, BS EN ISO 13567-2, BS EN ISO 9001, BS ISO 12006-2, BS ISO 31, ISO 82045-5 Replaces: BS 1192-5:1998
    Descriptors: Engineering drawings, Architectural drawings, Drawings, Technical drawing, Computer-aided design, Computer applications, Information exchange, Data transfer, Mathematical models, Data structures, Computer graphics, Data organization, Data layout, Coded character sets, File organization (computers), Graphic representation, Files, Databases, Classification systems, Information handling, Identification methods, Coding (data conversion), Text, Lines (geometry), Quality assurance, Management

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