Download the Wooden Material Collection Sketchup

Download Sketchup Quality Wood Material Collection

  1. Step 1: Download MATERIAL Sketchup

    The easiest way to download Sketchup furniture wood material images is to use Google images. Just enter the keywords in question, the search engine will automatically display the image of the material we are looking for. Then we just live right then save the image. Easy enough, right? But wait a minute.

    Images available on Google are usually automatically compressed by the system, so that their size and resolution will be slightly reduced. As a result, if the material is used it will produce a connection line on the surface of the object.

    Besides that, we also won't get supporting files such as bump and displacement files. Even though we can still make it by ourselves through Photoshop, this is less effective. For seamless materials, this file is of course very important because it will make the image more realistic.

    Currently there are many website pages that provide good and quality wood material files and one of the most popular websites is Today there are hundreds of collections of material that we can download.

    When we download the wood material from the official website, we will get several files at once which contain the main files, bump, displacement, AO and Specular. We may not get all of these files if we download them through the usual way.