How to Fix Thumbnails Not Appearing in SketchUp

causes and how to fix thumbnails do not appear in sketchup pro 2017

  1. Step 1: Early

    In Sketchup, thumbnails are used to view the contents of a file (preview) before opening the file. But what happens if the thumbnails on Sketchup don't appear? Of course we will not know what images are in the sketchup file. This will be a problem when we forget to give a name or save it carelessly.

  2. Step 2: Cause thumbnail does not appear

    There are many causes that make thumbnails not appear in Sketchup, One of them is the version of the Sketchup file that we have is not the same as the version of Sketchup that we use. For example when we draw a table, we use Sketchup 2017, then after that we downgrade the Sketchup version to Sketchup 2016.

    This also often happens when we download component models from 3dwarehouse, sometimes we don't pay attention to the version of the file that we are going to download with the version of Sketchup that we install, so what happens is that the thumbnail doesn't appear and the file can't be opened.

    Another cause of thumbnails not appearing in Sketchup is the file that we save or download does not have the file extension. According to, the .skb file is a backup format created automatically by the Windows version of the Sketchup system which functions to backup programs if the original file is corrupted or deleted.

  3. Step 3: How to fix it

    Well in this tutorial, I will try to overcome the problem of thumbnails not appearing in Sketchup 2017 that I use on Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. Different operating systems are also different ways. This method is done if we have previously installed the Sketchup program on our computer / laptop.

    • The first step, please open the folder where you saved the program (not the installation folder). If you download the Sketchup 2017 program in this blog. then you will find 3 types of Setup files, namely presetup, setup and sketchup2017-x64.
    • The next step is select sketchup2017-x64, then right click, then choose repair.
    • Finally, please wait until the process is complete.

    Alternative way

    In addition to using the above method, you can use alternative methods through Windows explorer settings. The trick is as follows: First, please click Start → Computer, then open the Organize menu then click Folder and search options. The next step, click the View tab, then uncheck Always show icons, never thumbnails, then check the Display file icon on thumbnails menu.

    So far the method above is quite powerful to overcome thumbnails that don't appear in Sketchup 2017, but if both of these methods can't display thumbnails on your computer, then you can use thumbnail viewer applications such as Mystic thumb, XnView and MoonTools 3D.

    good luck friend