Simulation of I section beam

Simulation and analysis of stress or failures in a beam.

  1. Step 1:

    Simulation steps

    1. Create Model
    2. Create Simulation Study
    3. Define Boundry condition
    4. Define load
    5. Meshing
    6. Run the Simulation

    Material: Cast Alloy Steel

    Model type: Linear Elastic Isotropic

    Resultant Forces: 9,810 N

    Stress Analysis:

    Type: VON- von Mises Stress

    Max. stress: 1,175.026 N/mm^2 (MPa)

    Max. Displacement: 8.850 mm

    Yield strength: 2.41275e+08 N/m^2

    Tensile strength: 4.48082e+08 N/m^2

    Elastic modulus: 1.9e+11 N/m^2

    Poisson's ratio: 0.26

    Mass density: 7,300 kg/m^3

    Shear modulus: 7.8e+10 N/m^2

    Thermal expansion coefficient: 1.5e-05 /Kelvin

  2. Step 2: End Results