Rookie to Rocking it: A Masterclass in 3D Sketching in Alibre Design

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A 3D Sketching Masterclass for Alibre where almost every aspect of 3D sketching is discussed. After watching this you'll be able to Draw almost anything in 3D sketch in Alibre, allowing you to create complex parts with ease.

Drill Jig Design - Catia V5

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Drill Jig Design - Catia V5 This Design can be used as a Mini Project by Mechanical Engineering Students

Roll Forming Machine

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Design Roll Forming Machine

Solidworks Tutorial | 3d Modeling of Weld Neck Flange | Piping & Routing Design | ASME B16.5

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In this tutorial I have made 1" NPS Weld Neck Flange Design 300 Rating ASME B16.5 in solidworks. This is the component of solidworks pinping and routing. I explain how you can make a weld neck flange in solidworks easily with the reference drawing.

Solidworks Tutorial | Golf ball design in SolidWorks

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Golf ball design in SolidWorks provides a great introduction to creating a golf ball in SolidWorks. This tutorial will teach you the basics of spherical geometry, lofting theory, and other aspects of golf ball design. By the end of this lesson, you will have created a simple golf ball using SolidWorks. 1. SolidWorks Exercise https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvSMq0r9NlEO5zRzti0DaDnXy-9qP7RvG 2. SolidWorks Sheet Metal Exercise https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvSMq0r9NlEP_mYn3knigodmHWGnrUxnS 3. SolidWorks Mold Design https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvSMq0r9NlEOaC_0qc-e39k8ULgDl1DGz 4. SolidWorks Advanced Modeling https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvSMq0r9NlEOgPSGxwgM7djTa00_CjwGS 5. SolidWorks Weldments https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvSMq0r9NlEPgq0nTwDkkM4VRs3bup3YX 6. SolidWorks Mechanical Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvSMq0r9NlENz1sXb-jhI4JVZokQQRUl6 7. SolidWorks Architect Design https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvSMq0r9NlEO97gbG478mpqCbUGAG3oZ3 8. Solidworks Assembly Design https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvSMq0r9NlEPFDVQbpEPfDwB8hKOt-drT #solidworks #golfball #Solidworkstutorial #cadcam #solidworkssheetmetal #cadcamtutorials #solidworksweldments #solidworksdrawing #solidworkstutorialforbeginners #solidworksassembly #cadtutorials #engineering Instagram link: https://instagram.com/solidworkstutorial531?igshid=ZDdkNTZiNTM= Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/cadtutorials?mibextid=ZbWKwL THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL....

Catia v5 tutorial

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Catia v5 part design tutorial for beginners https://youtu.be/-XpcZ9vGQfU

Solidworks Twisted Wire | Twisted Wire Rope Design Solidworks | Solidworks Exercise 39 | CADable

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olidworks Twisted Wire | Twisted Wire Rope Design Solidworks | Solidworks Exercise 39 | CADable Welcome to CADable! In this tutorial, Engr. Ibrahim Omer will guide you through the process of modeling twisted wire or twisted wire rope in SolidWorks. This exercise is perfect for beginners looking to improve their SolidWorks skills. The modeling process is straightforward and utilizes the sweep feature in SolidWorks. First, a path is sketched using a spline on the front plane, followed by creating a profile using a circle. Circular sketch patterns are then used to create a total of 10 circles along the path. With the path and profile sketched, the sweep feature is applied using a complex sweep technique. The sweep has a specified number of revolutions (1.5) and is merged with tangent faces to achieve the desired result. To enhance the visual appearance of the twisted wire, different appearances are applied, totaling 10 appearances. This step adds realism to the model, making it look like a real twisted wire. Whether you're a beginner or looking to expand your SolidWorks skills, this tutorial is a great opportunity to practice and improve your modeling techniques. Follow along with the video and don't hesitate to ask any questions in the comments section. For more tutorials and SolidWorks tips, make sure to subscribe to CADable and stay updated with our latest content! #twistedwiresolidworks #twistedwireropesolidworks #solidworksexercise39 #solidworksadvancedtutorials #CADable #CADabletutorials Follow our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CADable​

Ekstrusi Blow Mold pada Mainan Bintang

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Pada video sebelumnya ( https://youtu.be/qmZgXg_zIow?si=NPcxOyBuHoNTvCYh ), saya menampilkan model mainan plastik berbentuk bintang. Nah kali ini saya akan membuatkan desain atau konstruksi mold-nya untuk model tersebut. Proses cetaknya menggunakan sistem tiup atau "blow mold", yaitu bahan plastik dialirkan ke mold dengan proses ekstrusi. Mold menutup lalu dilanjutkan dengan proses tiup atau blow sehingga plastik ekstrusi tersebut menempel pada dinding mold membentuk profil sesuai cetakan. Ada pisau pemotong dengan tebal 1 mm di pinggir profil bintang. Serong 45° dengan kedalaman 3 mm. Untuk membuat cetakannya bisa dilihat di videonya. Terima kasih. Semoga bermanfaat!

Mainan Bintang

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Membuat gambar mainan berbentuk bintang yang dibuat dari proses cetak tiup ekstrusi (extrusion blow mold) Membuat gambar ini hanya dibutuhkan perintah utama "loft surface". Disalin dengan perintah mirror lalu digabung menjadi solid dengan perintah "knit surface". Detailnya bisa dilihat pada video. Semoga bermanfaat!

CATIA V5 - Import 3D Google Maps Tiles

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The workflow makes use of Blender and Blosm add-on. The add-on can be downloaded for free at: https://github.com/vvoovv/blosm

Catia v5 pipe tutorial

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Catia v5 part design for beginners pipe tutorial https://youtu.be/LqPWtuxBDtU