GD&T and Tolerance Stack-up Analysis

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GD&T and Tolerance Stack-up Analysis for Design and Manufacturing.

onvert 3D model into 2D Fully Dimesioned Drawing using Drawing Workspace of Autodesk Fusion 360.

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Learn how to Convert 3D model into 2D Fully Dimesioned Drawing using using Drawing Workspace Autodesk Fusion 360 . this video is totally meant for beginners so i overlooked few tools and things which are not necessary for now:) I hope you enjoyed the designing process and the model. if you enjoyed the process and model, then hit subscribe and like the video. and don't forget to comment your views on this model and process.

الرسم التجميعى على برنامج اتوكاد

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الرسم التجميعى - وإيجاد المساقط - ووضع الابعاد - والطبع بصيغة PDF في هذا الفيديو يتم رسم الاجزاء كلا علي حده وتحويل كل رسم جزء الي ثلاثى الابعاد ثم تجميع الاجزاء بالكامل علي شكل ايزومترى .. وبعدها ايجاد المساقط الثلاثة للرسم التجميعى وعمل قطاع ووضع الابعاد علي الرسم ثم تحويل الملف من برنامج اوتوكاد الى صيغة pdf كى يسهل عمليه طبعه علي اى حاسب بدون برنامج.


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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make drawings on the Solidworks sketch platform and how to use the sketch platform to make different annotations and views from the assembly.


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Dear GrabCAD Community, i want to present you a free Tool-Collection to automate some annoying works into Solidworks. The name of the Tool is "SWXHelper", its a freetime project. NO VBA or Solidworks API knowledge required NO registration is required NO admin rights required Some Features are: RenameSheets 1-Click-Printing DrawingSaveAs BOM2Excel and many more Take a look to the current Features: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUTxzaZYp3d3J8wp60En2Rw The Project-Site: https://swxtools.de or follow the project on: https://www.facebook.com/SWXToolsNews/ https://twitter.com/Swxtools