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In this video, I have demonstrated how one can design any type of tyre using basic 3D modeling technique. Here, I have used Solidworks software to show the modeling process. Take the help of this tutorial to learn tyre designing. One can download the CAD model from my profile section. If you find the media good and informative, hit the like button and share with your friends and colleague. If you have any doubt, let me know in the comment section. Please subscribe to our channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3SJ-bm9YkqdXyyYpgbCulg

SolidWorks | Challenge 3

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This is the 3rd exercise of the 30 Days Solidworks Challenge. In the next coming days, you will learn all Solidworks 2D and 3D tools that are required for you to start with SolidWorks. Here is the quiz question for this video, Answer it in the comment section. 1.Why we should start our sketch from the center point? 2.How we made the circle on the opposite side of the model? 3.What is the icon to hide a body?