Tutorial-How to export points from solidworks to a excel file!

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the macro below used for exporting points from sketch to excel !

Solidworks Assembly Sheet Metal To Flatten DXF

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Automatically Convert Solidworks Assembly Sheet Metal To Flatten DXF by using macro Solidworks Assembly Sheet Metal To Flatten DXF Macro

Designing Approximate Spur Gear in CATIA V5 (Method 4 of 4: creating/using Macro)

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This BND TechSource video shows how to create a CATIA macro for creating an Approximate Spur Gear. We hope this series on creating Approximate Spur Gear parts has been useful. https://bndtechsource.wixsite.com/home Approximate Spur Gear_macro.txt: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15d36yEK7fYNM9ocumVdv8dIU1cy7Jawg/view?usp=sharing Input_macro.txt: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XGxUyo4Q2rvy-mEmbRPhw_g16uTcvpPi/view?usp=sharing Parameters_macro.txt: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16m3ySORr3HFn1IrwNxN51-ahK6ozYsEs/view?usp=sharing Geometry_macro.txt: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ntFxXJn7NkS4HZNJU-yDe9G-rA2hNKh_/view?usp=sharing Relations_1_macro.txt: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ixX2D6f6OPQpPP1rJSxM0xWG-t0GvL4t/view?usp=sharing Relations_2_macro.txt: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UCmSLiIxq6PnpXOc0F7H__VaPdmYKyOk/view?usp=sharing

How to create a simple macro in SolidWorks?

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Ok, here it is. The Macro is attached. The screenshot of the macro is also attached. This macro creates a plane, draws a rectangle and extrudes it, every time in the same position irrespective of any other already presented features etc. There are comments for each operation, so It should be pretty clear now. Couple of main points: 1) Every time you create the sketch you have to assign it as an object to a new variable of type Object (in our case it is Sketch_Hardi) before(!) closing it. This way you will have all sketch names organized, and you will always select the right one. 2) Every new feature you create (Plane, Extrude, etc) with new variable of type Object as well. This gives you the same control of selection only the right features as you want them (By referring to it's name). Like in our case it is Hardi_Plane.Name and Hardi_Extrude.Name 3) If you have a lot of features, just use arrays of type Object (if you need help with arrays, loops etc, let me know) 4) We have a proper Object-Oriented code, so think in classes, methods, and instances. Again, need help, just point to the part that you do not understand and I'll explain it to you on a basic level. Hope this helps, enjoy

Solidworks vba userfom

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Hi everyone I made a design of elevator car frame in solidworks and can change the dimensions with vba macro userform. Macro runs on model opening and rebuild the model with new dimensions when clicking update button. Anybody can use the model who don't know anything about solidworks. Have a good day

Solidworks Tutorial - Macro to generate a cylinder or disk automatically

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In this solidworks tutorial I intend to show how to generate a macro, which through a user form automatically creates a cylinder or disk with custom values for diameter and thickness. This function can be very helpful when you need to create some type of extrusion quickly. En este tutorial de solidworks pretendo mostrar como generar una macro, la cual por medio de un formulario de usuario crea un cilindro o disco automáticamente con valores personalizados de diámetro y espesor. Esta función puede ser de mucha ayuda cuando se requiere crear algún tipo de extrusión rapidamente.

Save as STL macro for SOLIDWORKS

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Tired of File>Save As and then selecting the wrong file format? I am! This macro will export your part file to STL in just one click!

Sheet metal to dxf

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Macro to convert sheet metals parts to dxf file.

Solidworks C# Add-in

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Hi everyone I started to c# add-in for solidworks It's just begining and trying to design models for api. I'll pleased to see any idea Thanks

Save as STEP file Macro

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Quick and easy macro to one-click save a part or assembly drawing as a STEP file, saving you about 4 clicks. Great for lazy people.

Differences in macros between catia v5 and catia v6 or 3dexperience

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Differences in macros between catia v5 and catia v6 or 3dexperience https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6487644987675803648