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Catia Part Design

By Brylle on 16 Jun 11:00 5 answers 3 comments

I'm really puzzled how to input the 3mm fillet on the side view and the 10mm fillet on top view of the model. please see image below

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5 answers

  • G15
    G15 over 4 years ago

    here is the file.


    Hint-fillet.CATPart, 196 KB
  • Brylle
    Brylle over 4 years ago

    that was really fast man. thanks. btw how did you input those points?

  • Brylle
    Brylle over 4 years ago

    Thanks guys. I was able to do it with the help of 'point on curve' and 'extremum definition'. below is the outcome. I was asked to do different geometries without using gsd. just pure Part design. I'm a trainee in a company using catia. I'll move to GSD after I understood the basics of part design. If you can suggest good tutorials (both part design and GSD) I would really appreciate it. Youtube has a lot of them but doesnt include the audio.

  • Kulbir Singh
    Kulbir Singh about 4 years ago


    Hint-fillet.CATPart, 196 KB donot get opened in the catia shows some error....can anyone plz guide me

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