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How to decrease DOF=0 in attached mechanism?

By necmiyildiz5 on 02 Jun 20:11 5 answers 2 comments

In the attached CATIA kinematics study includes two versions. How to solve degrees of freedom=0.
I'm waiting for answers from the experts.

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Mechnism studies, 2.38 MB

5 answers

  • necmiyildiz5
    necmiyildiz5 over 3 years ago

    Küresel mafsalda takılıyorum. Bir de açılı olan kol'un yukarı hareketinde açı sabit olmadığı için revolute pek uygun olmuyor.
    Yardımın için teşekkürler Özgür.

  • surender  singh
    surender singh about 2 years ago

    thank you
    yes it works i made a mechanism of inline4 cylinder . and after giving the revolute joint ange movement .it works .

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