How to input goals into SW Flow Simulation??

I have a computer fan+case assembly that I'm analising with flow simulation in SolidWorks.
I would like to input a certain goal and have the software tell me which numbers would achieve that. Specifically:
-what RPM do I need to get a certain mass flow
-how much RPM can I get from a certain torque/power value

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2 Answers

SW Flow goals do not work this way. The goals will tell you max, min, or average, however not based on a parameter (like a certain CFM). Basically you can ask it to tell you max pressure, average temp on the surface, velocity etc. based on the simulation you set up.

Flow does not simulate moving parts to figure this kind of question out. For instance, you don't model the fan and tell it to spin at a given RPM. Flow expects you to know what the fan is. Enter its characteristics from its fan curve, and apply these properties to two surfaces of a model of the fan (a block with outside dimensions works). RPM is not a factor. Flow would then calculate the airflow caused by the fan, where you could set a goal of "max velocity" to see how fast the air was flowing through the fan.

To get the answers you are looking for, see the manufactures spec sheet. It will list max rpm, max flow, power required to turn the fan, and have a fan curve showing how the fan performs at different pressures. (if the fans exhaust is restricted, it won't pull as much air through it as unrestricted).

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