How would i join a rectangle in sketcher

Suppose i draw a rectangle in sketcher, when i select the rectangle only one line is selected what should i do so that the whole of the rec. Is selected when i click any line

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4 Answers

From outside of ur rectangle, press left click of the mouse and drag over sketch. It will select all.

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Hi friend, Please could you send us a picture about your issue.

thanks its more easier for all of us, send a picture, and we can help you.


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just right click to one of the line on rectangle and go Line.object and click "Auto search". it will chose all the loop. you can use this any geometry.

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as soon as you finish any profile in sketcher, catia will select the complete profile.
right click on it then go to selected objects and then concatenate curve.
then delete one by one visible lines, below that you will find same profile which will get selected on clicking any of its elements. profile will be in construction mode, change it to standard element before using from sketch tools.

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