Is it possible to add a part to an idw but not the assembly it is derived from?

I am currently putting together a DPD of a through wall lock assembly. i have been asked to show the through wall liner with the drawing however these are two different assembly models and the model that they are both on together is a large one so makeing a new level of detail on that model would be a pain. Basicly what im asking is, is there a way to add a part or another assembly just to a drawing not changing the assembly the drawing is derived from???

P.S - The liner can be added to the through wall lock assembly model becasue it would have too many knock on affects within company.

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3 Answers

Rename the part that you have Derived the original from.

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Maybe add it to the assembly as a reference component?

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Demoting could be an option !
Or work with visibility ( that you turn on or off ) of the part it is derived from.

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