Sectioning specific parts within an assembly .idw

I am trying to section only a selected few parts with in a drawing. Is there a way of creating a sectional view and selecting which parts (or assemblies) it sections excluding all others from being sectioned?

I know that you can go into each individual part and uncheck the 'Participate in Assembly and Drawing Section' but this is impractical due to having over 1000 parts and this would then affect other assemblies where generic items would be used.
I have also changed the BOM structure to reference but this doesn’t give the right effect on the idw.

I have got around this by 'Copy Design...' and turned the parts into sectioned models and inserted them into the model for purposes of creating the drawing but I would like to know an easier way of just selecting which parts I wish to section.


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Hi there

check this video after 2:20 it shows an alternative way of selection of the part that you don't want to include into Section view

I am afraid that there is not other way to do that...(At least in my concern) But I am also sure that if you showing a section view they will not be many components to exclude...

How ever the safer way is to add a new view for the section without any relation to the rest of your sheet. Then you will not have to worry about any affections as the options of participation will be isolated in the section view!

Good Luck with that...

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