Leaf Spring in SolidWorks

I'm trying to model a leaf spring in solidworks like this one http://img.bhs4.com/09/D/09DCE41973B1EC906AB88B1953E507A180B80158_large.jpg

I've successfully modeled the 6 leaf spring using a parbolic curves but i have to change the specifications of the spring like the span length (eye-to-eye center distance, as shown in fig) for analysis purpose.
This is the sketch of my model http://i.imgur.com/A7BK2bx.png
I added a relation between both the eyes to be "equal". But when i change the span length say from 1100mm to 1000mm the "parabolic curve angle/radius" changes.

The problem is that all the leaves (curves) should be geometrically same except "length of leave (curve)".

This makes it difficult for other 5 leaves to have same angle/radius with change in only "length".

I want to add a relation with the all six curve's angle/radius to be equal with change in only "length".

Can i use equations? If i can, then can plz someone guide me in proper direction?


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Thanks for feedback!

I followed and successfully created a model as shown.

I wanted to try assembly so I also modeled each leaves as separate part and then used "mate" while creating assembly.

Just one more question.

Your procedure, is it equivalent to creating a assembly using leaves as different parts and then mating them together? I mean, if i use same dimensions for both method then the model will be the same right?

Thanks again!

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Today I am up loading a similar model which we use

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can any here please tell me how to use simulation to find deformation in leaf spring.

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