Open .dwg file

I saved .dwg(CAD) file, but I can't seem to open one. Anyone have a solution?

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Community of enthusiasts must aid you-

Your best protection against this disaster is the AUTOMATIC SAVE feature. The interval between Automatic Saves is set on the OPEN and SAVE of the OPTIONS command.

So how do you recover an Automatic save file? When you open AutoCAD after a crash the DRAWING RECOVERY MANAGER should display. If not, type DRAWINGRECOVERY and press ENTER.

Backup files (BAK) and Automatic Save Files (SV$) that were found are displayed in the DRAWING RECOVERY MANAGER and can be reviewed and selectively recovered.

Otherwise apply DWG Viewer Tool

How it works, see:-

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You can try importing the file if the open function is not working. If that still does not work can you upload the file and I will see if I am able to open it.

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Perhaps this file is made with a newer version than your autocad version...
Try open it with DWG.TRUEVIEW, this (free) program is able to "downscale" drawings to earlier versions of Acad...

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Thanks a lot Gab Backer your tips was effective

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