The beginner cannot open the .dwg file.

Hello, colleagues, I began to use different utilities in graphic activities not so long ago. I, as usual, came into my version in the AutoCad 2016 version, but I could not open .dwg the file which was closed during emergency shutdown of an electricity at my office yesterday. And the temporal file of restoration writes with the created program that it cannot be open.
Help and do not read my request for nonsense.

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I hope I'm wrong, but it's very possible that your file became corrupt during the electrical shutdown. I hope you have a backup copy, or an older copy that you can re-start from.

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In the folder with the drawing there might be a .dwk (I think) file. This is a lock file for the drawing. Deleting this file will allow you to open your file again. This may be a hidden file and you would need to change file options to be able to see it,

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If a file cannot be opened, take the following steps from dwg recovery online:

• RECOVER command
--Recovers a selected drawing file
--If successful, open and run AUDIT command
--Evaluates drawing integrity and possibly more error correction
--Set system variable AUDITCTL=1 to create a report of audit results

• RECOVERALL command (introduced in AutoCAD 2008)
--Recovers a selected drawing file
--Attached and nested xrefs are also opened, repaired, resaved, and closed
Start a new DWG with no template
--Run INSERT and selected the corrupted drawing
--Check the “Explode” option

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