problem with completing fillet tutorial

trying to work my way through the solid works tutorials and am stuck on the basic techniques fillet tutorial. In the creating the grip section cannot "Add a Collinear relation between the vertical sketch line and the model edge", so when I add 2mm radius fillet to edge, it curves under the grip away from the base piece.
Running 2013 education edition of solid works.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


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3 Answers

Edit the sketch for Boss-Extrude2. The sketch is not defined, and when it is extruded it does not merge with the first boss. see solid boby folder in tree shows 2 bodies.
Correct the sketch and then in the feature properties make sure the merge check box is ticked.
Your fillet goes under as it is filleting the individual body.

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had another go at editing it and randomly found a button marked display/delete relations in the sketch toolbar. pull down has option to add a relation and one i needed was in the list. did feel a bit foolish.

not helped by having a tutorial that seems to be written for an older version of solidworks.

thanks for your help anyway.

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You are correct J. I did this tutorial 15 years ago!
The drop down is good, but a quicker way of working (I think) is to use the control (Ctrl) key - if you select 2 things using Ctrl the property manager changes and shows the options available with relations - just click the one you want; it is the same property manager as with using the drop down. bit quicker, 2 handed and less mouse movement. The flyout toolbar also works well - this appears next to the cursor when selecting - when you get to recognise the icons better you will use this option.
Good luck with your learning.

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