Using lights from Part in Assembly for Photoview 360?

Is it possible to use lights that I've defined in a part, and have them visible in an assembly containing that part? For example, I've built a model of a webcam that has a fairly bright LED mounted on it. I can define a light source in the Appearances tab to get it to look right when I render the part. Now say I want to put this model in an assembly, mounting the camera to my computer monitor. When I render with Photoview 360, none of the lights defined at the part level show up in the assembly. Is there any way to do this without having to define every light source twice?

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In your current situation there really isn't. You could creating a custom environment from the part file but you'll have limited success.

The best way to do this is set up an assembly file with the settings you like and then keep adding parts/assemblies to it.

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For the same sort of reasons, I was wondering if there was any way to mate lights to geometry, or work around that. I currently create geometry in the approximate right place, write down the coordonates, then set the lights and adjust to rendering,
A light box may work, (I design bathrooms) but it is sort of nonsensical.

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@Cliff, that's what I'm doing currently as well. It seems kind of ridiculous, and that's why I (apparently incorrectly) assumed there would be a better way.

@Rob, thanks, I suppose I'll keep trudging through light definitions.

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Keep in mind there is a # of lights limit in SW..(I think around 8 or 11, I can't remember). So there are times when you may have to use an material that cast light or create a physical piece of geometry that will have an emissive material attached. OR....pick up some Modo and let the good times roll!!!

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The max number of direct lights is 9. Personally I'd say you want to use as few direct (spot, directional, point) as possible. You'll have better quality renderings that way. I typically only use direct lights for special effects or shadow control.

A better method (in my opinion) is to use light panels created by adding the area light appearance to geometry (panels) and positioning as needed. Of course using the correct environment image and adjusting it's contribution to the scene can greatly change results as well.

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