How to Apply a Color Coating in GrabCAD Print


Get the most out of Vero Vivid Resins by using the Color Coating tool in GrabCAD Print. This tutorial will teach you how so you get the desired results from your PolyJet prints with advanced color designations.

  1. Step 1: Overview

    PolyJet Vero Materials provide excellent detail visualization and can even be blended with other photopolymers to alter flexibility and translucency. And when you want really bright colors, you'll work with Vero Vivid Colors, which includes:

    • VeroCyanV,
    • VeroMagentaV
    • VeroYellowV

    It's important to remember that vivid materials are transparent. So in the example below with the baby rattle model, if you applied a vivid color, you would be able to see the beads inside the part -- which you probably don't want.

    One solution is to go off and model the two separate bodies in CAD, and then import them into GrabCAD Print and make those material assignments as an assembly of parts.

    But that's difficult.

    The simple solution is to simply apply the vivid color as a coating onto a core of white. And this is very easy to do with GrabCAD Print's Coating Tool.

  2. Step 2: How to Apply Coating

    • Print Settings
    • Model Settings
    • Check the Coating box

    When you select this, two tabs will appear: Model and Coating

    • In the Model tab: make the Vero Pure White assignment to the model.
    • In the Coating tab: select the vivid color assignment

    *Tip*: To get the most vibrant color, apply it as a digital material, instead of using the color picker. 

    Also, don't forget to adjust thickness! The more thickness the more vibrant.