How to measure in Rhino?


Dimensions always measure as though the object were projected to the current construction plane.

1. use linear dimension for measuring length and width measurements.
2. use aligned dimension for diagonal measurements.

  1. Step 1:


    1. Pick the first point. (Left Click) Snap End )

    2. Pick the second point. ( Snap End )

    3. Pick the location. (click just Above the abject )


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    John Evans

    Thanks for the tutorial. I used to have a problem measuring distances in Rhino till I began to experiment. Select a polyline or the line tool and click at the beginning of your measurement distance. Key in your distance from the keyboard in ft. inches, meters, or millimeters, etc. Hit return, and the line automatically measures what you have commanded. Click on the line as the line comes into a perfect weight all the way through. Hope this helps. Actually, after one does this a few times, you may discover it is easier to measure than it was for me to try and render a short commentary. It is very, very easy.

    August 9th, 2017 21:49