[VIDEO]Exploded Views Description(Arabic Tutorial)

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Hello Everybody and Welcome In This Video Tutorial I'll give an Intro. about Exploded Views Also Explain How to Make an Exploded View Using SOLIDWORKS Also Export it into a Drawing and Make Bill of Material Table . I Hope You Enjoy Watching my Tutorial. if you Learned Something New Please Like and Subscribe For more Useful Videos

How to create a linked BOM and balloons in a CATIA drawing

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We can do an assembly drawing with a Bill of Material explaining to the manufacturer important info about each part. Also, we can number the parts with balloons, so that it can be easy to find and identify them. It will be explained all the necessary steps in Assembly Design and Drafting module.

How can we add numbers to sub-assemblies in CATIA to see them in balloons and bom list automatically in drawing?

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This is somewhat related, but I'm not using numbers for the BOM. Instead I'm trying to use balloons to label the top level assemblies AND parts directly. The auto balloon and balloon tool will only pick-up the part names, not the sub-assembly name so I have to annotate these with leaders instead of balloons. Any ideas? Here is what I'm trying to accomplish:

Fix Material is not showing in Solidworks Drawing

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Fix Material is not showing in Solidworks Drawing Material not showing in Bill of material table Material in BOM solidworks solidworks

solidworks BOM

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Calculation of material requirements for disolidworks