How to Change the Commands Language

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How to change the Software SolidWorks Language. Como mudar o idioma do SolidWorks.

SolidWorks Tutorial: Using Mold Tools Tab to Create Core and Cavity of Mold

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SolidWorks Video Tutorial to learn Mold Tools Tab in SolidWorks. We will make a mold for Round Disc to show you how to make molds in solidworks. we will also add holes for molten metal and air vent.

“Playing” with CATIA Commands List (v5 and 3DX)

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After some research, I found that some commands can be replaced by (let’s say) a Command ID which obviously is not in the documentation. All details here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/commands-lists-catia-3dexperience-catiav5-fernando-petre/

Fusion 360 : Make twisted cables using Advance Sweep command

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Hey guys in this video tutorial I will show you how you guys can make a cable or rope like structure using a single command SWEEP in fusion 360.

SolidWorks Piping Tutorial Multi Joint

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Watch Video https://youtu.be/ccDO-Ts6bbw

How to create a script in AutoCAD?

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If you want to automate repetitive tasks, then you should use scripts. Scripts are instructions executed by computer which could alternatively be executed one by one, by a human operator.

Catia Basics-how to use revolve, grove and ractangular pattern command

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Catia Basics-how to use revolve, grove and ractangular pattern command

How to enhance the AutoCAD commands?

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Here's a quick tip for AutoCAD.

Catia Imagine and Shape tutorial for beginner | what are the transformation commands of the curve

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Autocad 2d basic modify commands || Autocad 2020 2d drafting || 2d commands

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Hi friends in this video i explain all the Modify commands in AutoCAD 2020 such as Move, Rotate,Trim, Array, Copy, Mirror, Fillet, Chamfer, Explode, offset and Scale


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In this tutorial we go over the basics of 3D modeling in Autocad. We'll use primitive solid shapes and dig into the user interface of the 3D world within Autocad.