[Video] Modelling a bike in Solidworks

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This is a video tutorial of designing Bajaj pulsar RS200 using Solidworks. The design method includes tracing sketch from photo to surface modelling.

Creating a bike in Solidworks

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In this video , I'll explore how I made a bike model with images.

Solidworks Tutorial #185 Weldments Industrial Steel Frame in Solidworks by SW Easy Design

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We Provide SolidWorks, Auto-CAD,(Mechanical Drawing 3D Design,Catia V5......etc Software Free Tutorials. You can subscribe our channel to get more information. Solidworks Easy Design Channel: Tutorials for SolidWorks on many levels and subjects Covering most of the SolidWorks fields - SolidWorks Features - SolidWorks for Beginners - SolidWorks Advanced - SolidWorks Simulation - Art & Design

[VIDEO] Desk Sheld

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Desk Sheld by Autodesk Inventor using Frame Generator Feature

[VIDEO] Solidworks (Weldments) Tutorial

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How to use weldments in solidworks

SolidWorks Flow Simulation Tutorial, use of Rotating Reference Frame to Calculate Thrust of a Propeller

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the propeller is 3D printing ready, watch in the full screen, 1080p resolution! Stop play back and watch as many times as you want! ask questions where stuck! share and subscribe!

[VIDEO] BMX Handlebar

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BMX Handlebar with Handgrip design by Autodesk Inventor

Solidworks advanced tutorials 131 | Bicycle frame modeling

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Learn solidworks. A bicycle frame modeling tutorial using points(coordinates) tool of solidworks sketch mode then these points will be joined using line tool. And weldments structural member will be created in last step

Autodesk Inventor : BMX Frame

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This video tutorial teaches about how to make a bicycle frame design coherently using various 3D design features found in the Autodesk Inventor 2017 application.

Solidworks simulation 132 | Design and simulation of steel frame building

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olidworks beam and steel frame analysis. Consider a two story steel frame building constructed of structural steel beams is subjected to load of 50KN/m. Determine deformation and stresses when a uniform load is applied using solidworks simulation.

Building Blocks to the MPAS (Bicycle frame assembly)

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In this short illustration I would like to do a very brief explanation on how the MPAS can be used by engineers to ensure that their designs are correctly assembled when using welding as an assembly process. I will use a bicycle frame for demonstration purposes. While there are many fantastic bicycle frame jigs available from companies like Anvil, the great advantage offered by the MPAS is its rigidity. This demonstration is less about bike frame building though and more about how the tools I am providing here on GrabCAD can be used to create a general layout of the fixturing tooling and how a template can be created to make sure that future setups is correct and accurate.

Create a Fence with Wireframe and PowerCopy

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This video shows you how to create a basic wireframe on Generative shape design, using sketch, combine and translate features. You will also learn how to use PowerCopies to design a bar based on the wireframe. Using PowerCopies will improve your design phase efficiency.


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MUNCASTER SINGLE CYLINDER STEAM ENGINE BASE PLATE, UPRIGHT MAIN FRAME PART NO 1 Hello friends my name is Pawan Kumar and welcome to SOLIDWORKS PROJECTS channel. In this channel you learn about solidwork software. IMAGE LINK : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1loPkTBXA25-p4R6V1kPKDl1lG8HAf43y/view?usp=sharing please subscribe my channel and follow us on social media Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SOLIDWORKSPRO216/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/SOLIDWORKSPROJ1?s=09 #ENGINE #MUNCASTERENGINE #STEAMENGINE #BASEPLATE #UPRIGHTMAINFRAME

How to Convert 3D WireFrame into 3D Model in SolidWorks

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In this video I will show you how to apply Boundary Boss/Bass feature on a 3D wire frame.

bicycle frame analysis in ansys

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you can find this tutorial in Alberta university site but they have done it for ansys 9 and I have just modified it for new version. please pay attention to the red line and Please accept my apologies for poor English.