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Today I want to share a clear example of the correct use of mathematics applied to design, designing a dodecahedron in solidworks, but not a solid body, if not one more elaborated using other tools offered by SOLIDWORKS, in this tutorial. Do you enjoy it

FreeCAD Basic Exercise #3

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The objective of this tutorial will be to hang external geometry with the Circle and Polyline tools. Use the Linear Pattern function and use a subtractive function (Pocket) from a face.

FreeCAD Basic Exercise #2

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The objective of this tutorial will be to use the sketching tools: symmetry constraint, external geometry projection and Polyline. We will also use the Refine parameter to remove an edge.

Suspension & Steering Geometry (Front) | 4 Wheeler | Double Wishbone | Anti-Ackerman

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In this video tutorial, i have shown how to make Front Suspension and Steering geometry of a 4 wheeler. Here, I have taken an All terrain Vehicle(ATV) suspension and steering system for reference, but same approach can be applied while designing for Standard cars and other vehicles. Only the parameters will change according to the type and dynamics of the vehicle. Suspension type- Double Wishbone Steering geometry type- Anti-ackerman Model link:- https://grabcad.com/library/suspension-and-steering-geometry-4-wheeler-1 Basic Parameters used :- 1. Wheelbase= 55 inches 2. Trackwidth= 52 inch (Front and Rear same) 3.Front Ground clearance= 15 inches 4. Rear Ground clearance= 14 inches 5. KPI angle= 7° 6. Castor angle= 12° 7. Knuckle length= 6 inches 8. Spindle length= 120 mm 9. Spindle length (for wheel nut)= 75 mm 10. Steering Arm length= 80 mm 11. Steering Arm angle with spindle= 110° 12. Tyre Outer Diameter= 23 inches Please note that these parameters are used just for educating and learning purpose. Concrete calculations and certain other important factors related to Vehicle dynamics and Handling along with suspension analysis are considered and performed before designing any suspension and steering system of any vehicle. But these values are close to the standard industry values. I also used them in various college level projects. So they can be used as reference values. If you found the video informative, please Hit the Like button, Comment any doubts/issues related to the content in the video and Please share among your friends and colleagues. Stay tuned with us for more contents related to Designing and Racing game-plays.

Xmas star

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A beginners' tutorial getting to know 3Dsketching, and transforming a surface body in a solid.


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Details of 3d modeling reference geometry || AXIS AND CENTER OF MASS ||| Subscribe our channel to gain skills and also to motivate us for making these videos.||| We will be providing solidwork, autodesk fusion 360, ansys, keyshot9, inspire tutorial videos and exercise. You can support and motivate us by simply subscribing us. Hope you will like our work also. Any feedback and suggestion always accepted.

Split one object into separate surfaces / polygons

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How to Split one object into separate surfaces/polygons


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Support me on paypal for more better content :paypal.me/nobodyknow137 So i created this complex design . This tutorial is for those who want to learn advance things in solidworks. in this this i am going to use advance pattern and techniques that is very helpful for beginners and pro it is little diffficult to make but i hope you will like it make sure to subscribe the channel thanks for watching and have a great day nmastay

Exhaust Manifold Tutorial in SolidWorks

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All you need to know is just functionality of the feature! I have created 3d Model of Exhaust Manifold from its drawing step by step so that even an absolute beginner can follow this tutorial. There are so many different commands used to create it. If you want to take a step up then this is the right tutorial to follow. All you need to have is just SolidWorks and patience :)

Publish geometry and Skeleton

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In this tutorial, you can learn How to create Skeleton model, How to define Publish geometry and reuse it as Copy Geometry

Creo tutorial: Flexible modeling - Practical example

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Practical example - how to combine Flexible modeling with Surface and Solid modeling on imported geometry. Used features: Flexible Remove Feature, Boundary Blend, Extend, Copy and Paste Geometry, Merge, Solidify, Flexible Attach, Flexible Move, etc.

Extracting Part History From Imported Parts in CATIA V5

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In this tutorial i have explained how to extract part history from imported parts in CATIA using feature recognition tool.

Publish geometry - Copy Geometry

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Do you need to Copy geometry from one model to another one - use Publish Geometry and Copy Geometry features

Imported geometry - How to Set custom position

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Quick tutorial: How to Set custom position for imported geometry

Solidworks tutorials for beginners | Exercise 01 | Geneva gear index

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Learn how to make Geneva Gear Index using solidworks. Perfect tutorials for solidworks beginners as well as intermediate level. From this tutorial, you will learn , Solidworks sketching tools i.e Power Trim, Circle, Circular Pattern, Construction geometry, Dimensioning and many more.