Hole wizard giving error message

hole wizard not working , receiving this error message, (message in jpg file)

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Maybe Installation is corrupted or improper installed. Re-installing may fix the problem.

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Do you have permision to this location? Do you have Microsoft Access?

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1. The Hole Wizard and Toolbox folder path in System Options > Hole Wizard/Toolbox is not accurate; ensure that the correct path is set and the SWBrowser.mdb file is not corrupt. To test for corruption, rename the existing database and temporarily replace it with the default SWBrowser.mdb file located in "C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\Toolbox\data utilities\lang\English".
2. The system is very low on memory.
To check whether this is the case, track the amount of memory used by SolidWorks via Performance Monitor,. If the virtual bytes measurement is in the range of 1.5GB to 2GB for a 32-bit system, then the error is likely caused by insufficient memory. In this case, the user may consider initiating Hole Wizard first immediately after launching SolidWorks, enabling the 3GB switch or switching to a 64-bit system with more physical memory (RAM). Without making any changes to the system, a possible workaround is to close other files and applications which are not in use.

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Or you dont have a proper access to your 'c' drive- read / write

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