How ranking system works?

I would like to know how Gabriele SWX is rank #23 of 90220 with 2 models?

It really give insecure feeling about the whole ranking system.

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Tnx for replaying.
It's not about enviousness or the like.
I don't care that te man is #23 or what ever number, what I want to get at in the bottom line is the awareness to the original properties of any file I download from the site. This affect the ranking & my peace of mind too.

I'm a member of this community & I like it so naturally I also want it to function better. by saying forget or it's not important you make sure that the general level will decrease with every fake creator uploading models.

This not meant that Gabriele SWX is a fake creator or something, I just want to know how its possible.

Also I really want to know why GrabCAD stuff ain't answering too!

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The more models/renders you upload and the more you participate in Q&A section, the higher your rank will get. Currently, I'm on rank position #49 but as venkatasubramanian said, that is not important. Not for most of us who are ranked pretty high (my guess). Those are just numbers...
I could now upload about 70 new models, but I'm working on one bigger assembly which will include all those parts and hopefully be one the models people will like. I guess the algorithm would give me a higher rank with more models, but, as said above, that is not my priority ;)

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My concern about GrabCAD have nothing to do with the actual number relating to rank, when I download your model I want it to be YOUR MODEL to the full with all the fine point & critical work you done! I don't want second best or fake, I also want to thank & credit YOU for the work you done, its fair.

It is also fair that if you upload something for non commercial use it will stay for non commercial use. The ranking system reflect GrabCAD "I don't care" policy something I would like to change.

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You are taking this matter to serious. Calm your self down before you get a heart attack. I myself have a couple of original assemblies and some of them are assemblies that I modeled from 2D drawings that I found on internet and one of them is from the tutorial. Not everybody have a chance to create something new because it is not their line of work. So what if they upload parts from tutorials. Also GrabCAD is a place not only for engineers but also for the designers. And somebody has to model a God damn duck because that is maybe his job as a designer. Who are you to tell people what they should or shouldn't upload? Take your frustrations somewhere else and shut the F..k up.

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Now that you mentioned it, I have a couple of things to say. I also doubt in this system. In last couple of days I have asked a couple of questions I have uploaded 3 models and my rank is going lower. I think I used to be 110 and now I am 113. If I upload a model ask a question on a daily basis I might keep my position. If I skip anything for just one day I am going down. I think that there might be a glitch in a ranking computer :)

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In my opinion this rank shouldn't be take as a competition all idea of this portal is to create oportunity to cantact and spare/exchange information between all engineers from all over the world, to get chance to improove all our designs.

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I think the unfair advantage is with the top visibility given to the highest ranked and most downloaded that is keeping them on top. There are many great models/modelers buried in the huge pile.

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Good question, I haven't quite figured that out yet..

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I want an OFFICIAL answer!
we can all express out opinion of course but they are opinion, guessing at best case. I want GrabCAD answer fully detailed answer.
They say they can't review any model But I'm sure they can view any question & this one fair.

Again this have nothing with what the actual number is, the example of Gabriele SWX is just this an example, not the main focus of this discussion.

No this is not enviousness or jealousy or what ever...!

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Guys, this is NOT ABOUT MY RANK!
The new upcoming Mecanum Wheel Revision B3 have about 5000 individual parts, if I wanted #1 I can simply make a macro that will upload all parts over one night. This is not what I'm after & it have nothing to do with my humble blond ego!

If you upload a file from a tutorial it not yours, should not affect your rank.
there must be some kind of properties form you need to fill that state the origin of the file + if the original owner know or agree for his file to be uploaded by YOU!
GrabCAD should post some guide rules about it all as a start if they want to play it honest both sides.

What is the point of having million users that upload car surfacing tutorials, or bullshit boring library parts of Inventor, boring assemblies from 3D content central & all the other boring CAD library sites, I go Traceparts for that, DAMN IT!

Why you are not getting rank by:
* ORIGINALITY, High level DETAILED model that show a bit more than just inflated ego of the creator.
* Done by official standard like ISO, ANSI with all drawing, Cross section, explanations, exploded view, description, full file properties, ordered & efficient file structure tree.

90% of all files here are beautiful but USELESS, we are talking MECHANIC, for animation & art we already have Turobosquid, 3dsMax, Maya communities. GrabCAD is about mechanical parts & assemblies not bullshit NURBS computer graphic representing sick yellow plastic shower duck!

You want to be a member of high quality community? then you need to insist more about it!

But what pissing me off more then anything together is that this all coming from a user while IT SHOULD COME FROM GRAB FUCKING CAD!!!

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Sorry but I must spoof on it a bit, I know it ain't right but can't really hold myself...

A good modeler deserved credit for his work, many models on GrabCAD are normal products, this is the most important part of GrabCAD, it save you time, money & effort. Think about interior designer that is looking for a special chair, just a chair the type that been around since Eve raped the snake & blamed Adam for having a small dick... you know just a fucking chair, without Gyroscopic computerized system to keep chair balance when Kiloton boss fart being born. Now our interior designer can go to GrabCAD & with a simple mouse click can down load a nontec fartproof chair! He doesn't need to start learning Solidworks, he can download it & start using it on the spot to test if the chair is really blastproof! Well he finish & sale the design to a retire sumo worrier who meltdown the chair on the first fart... somebody must get the damn credit man!
But if the design was one of GrabCAD challenger project the designer will now get a court order for product liability failing minimum fart safety rules!
GrabCAD they already earn/took the money it will be the designer who will stand alone at court, this way community quality is important!!!


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Just forget about the ranks buddy :)..these are just a couple of numbers..!!..Ur talent and d quality of the models U upload s paramount and is of primary importance :)...Even i feel lyk I don deserve #24 but it's on a daily basis..! Just enjoy and upload more models and improve yourself :).forget about others ! :)

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