problem with uploading models and renderings

i cannot upload model. i choose cad file to upload it show type of it and than line disappeare it means that file is not uploading and i see message "there is an error please try again later" please tell me what is something wrong or it should be like that. i cannot upload new renderings for other people's models. i press the model than press "rendering" there should be field "chose file",but there is no field.instead of that i see button "add your files".

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4 Answers

The problem is Mozilla Firefox. With Google Chrome everything is normal.

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Hi Bandvov,

Sometimes it happens! After uploading, if You see message "there is an error please try again later" just push back in Your browser (retur to account) and click refresh, then You'll see uploaded file :)
For me it works :)

Best Regards

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everything is okay now. problem is in opera browser. now i use internet explorer and it works.

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