Translating Sketches/Patterns

Hi, here's another beginner's question. For example, if I sketched a series of circles along a line (linear Pattern) on a face of lets say a rectangular block, and then I notice I made a mistake and I want the circles to be at the face 90 deg from the face I started.

May I know how do I make that translation over? Especially when I've used Linear Pattern on like 99 circles. Moving them one by one is tedious. So far what I know is to redraw it again on the face I want to. Are there any shortcuts though?

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1 Answer

Dear just complete your sketch, whatever the plane or face not matter.

After clicking on OK button, Right click on the left hand side completed sketch and than click change sketch plane.

By clicking change sketch plane just simply select the face you wanna your drawing of circle in.

And press ok.

That's it, and your 90 circle will be in your desired face.

There is no matter of what and how much you draw, there is only the sketch plane need to change for moving completely sketch or feature through sketch in another face or plane.


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