How to go from GPS Data to Full Colour 3D Model

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Got a large dataset you want to visualize in 3D? Let's take a look at the steps involved from going from just a spreadsheet to full colour 3D.

Create an OBJ Cube With Your Favorite Images

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Ever wanted to create a CAD file with your favorite pictures? There are many ways to apply images and textures to CAD files. However, for most of these operations, expensive programs or CAD experience might be required. This tutorial shows you how to make a simple OBJ cube, while explaining some of the basic OBJ nomenclature. It then explains the steps to map pictures on the cube's faces. The only tools you will need is a text editor like notepad and your favorite images!

Adjust Depth of Field using Depth Map- Photoshop

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In this tutorial I am going to explain to dynamically control depth of field using Depth Map. Also at the end of this tutorial I will explore a cool Facebook trick. Links for keyshot file, images are available at end of this tutorial.

How to convert 2D BMP images to 3D STLs?

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The basic principle is to take a regular 2D image (in BMP format) and translate the image’s gray shades into a 3D height map (Figures 1 and 2). The two-dimensional array (i.e. color) of each element is interpreted as a height value in order to store information on the height of each point. For example; the white points are flat, the gray points are higher and the black points are the highest. The following steps in this procedure were accomplished using Microsoft® Paint image viewing software and Materialise® Magics STL editing software, and make reference to the menu options in those applications. Other similar software programs may be used to accomplish this procedure.

How to create Rendered Wallpapers with PTC Creo Advanced Rendering Extension?

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It is easy - watch the video and try to do it :)

how to convert files from MapSource GDB to Autocad DXF

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I will give a tutorial in viewing the map in MapSource and convert to autocad ..

Convert normal map to bump map?

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Based on Danny link (http://www.textureshock.com/tutorial2.htm), adding step by step tutorial: