GrabCAD Ranking ( AGAIN )

Now that we have the new and very improved ranking system :)

We can LIKE peoples models and also UP VOTE there questions....

A lot of guys here put a lot and time and effort into rendering other peoples models that are just breath taking to say the least with there render talents....

What about having a LIKE button for other peoples renders also since they put so much time in to them to achieve impressive and mind blowing renders?

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I liked this category because it reflects the fact that the capacity and potential of the person, In the past there are some people put their models simple and easy but you find in the centers of advanced But now there is no his talent and intellectual capacity is the one who wins

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Yes, all this controversy for the development of competition because there will be competition quality
And quality of persons begins Entering the professional ranks

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I believe it is professional to grant also points for liking a new render made for another GrabCad'ers, for new followers, It would bring more diversity in the scores. Now I have the impression some people are making renders "a la minute", just for raising the score.

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I agree with you, William.
But If we have points for Like why not for followers, or contest winners.

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I will also put same points for participating challanges. For winners extra points.

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All of the comments so far mentioned are valid comments, yes this is a good community site were people can encourage and trade skills/practices....but....
there is no reward for someone who has uploaded a model after spending countless hours producing numerous parts that are contained within an assembly, which is recorded a 1 upload, as opposed to someone else (who rightly so) uploads a model of a simple cube because it's their model and they are just as proud of it, recorded as 1 upload... yes, the assembly may draw more attention to itself than a simple cube but it has to depend apon someone actually hitting the like button.
What I am trying to highlight here is you can spend a lot of time or no time at all uploading models that will earn you nothing, or you could spend a short time just rendering someone elses model and earn lots of points...mmmmm
GrabCAD.. award points for rendering someone elses model, yes, because it encourages people to interact with other peoples models and promotes artistic qualities, but please award points to people who are prepared to take the time to produce some of the most stunning models/assemblies that you could ever want to see or have available to you to download.
Quality v Quantity......please , please address this as soon as possible or people will just sit back waiting to render when there is nothing to render.
Footnote: Yes, I am just as guilty for jumping on the render point wagon as the next person because as it stands at the moment it earns me more points than my models can...

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It sounds very good :) ... then it will be raining points for render benders :)

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I think the whole idea of the new scoring system is to encourage members to participate more in this community, however, we should maintain some professionalism. In other word, we should encourage professionalism and quality through constructive methods. Improving our competitive environment is one way to improve the quality.

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Sounds good, Points for participating in challenges.

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Some people gain almost 10.000 points in less than one week.
so many likes ????!!!!???
Is the system not watertight?

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