Tutorial how to make engine part 1

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Connecting Rod file: http://grabcad.com/library/connecting-rod--15

Convert STL Mesh to SOLIDWORKS Model (NURBS)

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Need to convert an STL file into a "real CAD model"? There are several tutorials which already exists for this topic. I'm making a new tutorial to give additional information.

Simple Spring in PTC CREO PARAMETRIC 3.0

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simple spring creation by using helical sweep function.

Sheet Metal with Solidworks

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Sheet Metal with Solidworks Guys find it useful. I have used vent, Louvers, forming tools etc in this tutorial.

How to convert 2D to 3D with Solidworks

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How to convert a 2D drawing to 3D modeling.

AutoCAD | 3D Part and 3D Dimensioning

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How to give dimensions on 3D part in AutoCAD.

Tutorial how to make engine part 2

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connecting rod part 2

Tutorial how to make engine part 3

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How to design an elbow with Solidworks.

Create new Plane without using Plane command

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How to crate new Plane without using GSD Plane command. New user sometime have difficulties to create references for new plane creation.

How to export a SolidWorks part/assembly as a 3D PDF file

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Sending 3D models to others for viewing can be a problem if they don't have a 3D designing software (SolidWorks, Catia, AutoCAD, etc.) or a 3D viewing software (eDrawings, Paint 3D, etc.). So here I'll show you how to export your model (part/assembly) as a 3D PDF file, where you can view your model as any 3D viewing software does. This doesn't just include viewing, but also includes simple rendering, showing/hiding parts, adding extra lighting and a lot more.

Hand Sanding and Polishing for PolyJet 3D Printed Parts

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This tutorial demonstrates how to handle post-processing for printed parts when using the Stratasys J750. The Stratasys J750 offers appearance capabilities that are relatively advanced in the world of 3D printing. To fully realize the appearance of a printed part or mimic an injection molded part, sanding and polishing by hand is recommended. Featured in the picture is a stick shift with a combination of a few colors and surface appearances, all achieved in one print: wood grain texture, simulated leather over-wrap, with stitched binding, A mock color LCD screen featuring a VeroClear screen surface. Here's how to polish only the LCD screen and wood grain to produce a more realistic finish – without the need for a lacquer application.

Catia Tutorial Part Design Examples

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Catia V5 Part Design Examples for Beginners

Best Spring Ever In Just 2 steps.

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Guys this is best way to design spiral spring. Please check it out. thanks.

CATIA TUTORIAL GSD: Panton Chair - How to model in CATIA

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How to Model a Panton Chair in CATIA? In This CATIA tutorial I will show you how to model the famous Panton Chair in CATIA.