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4 Million Member Trophy Design Challenge


Congratulations, you guys have done it yet again. It's amazing to think that only a year ago we were approaching our 3 millionth member. Now, because of you guys, it's time to celebrate 4 million members!

4 Million Members!!

Now we know this challenge is very similar to the Golden Gear Awards, however, we couldn't think of a better Challenge to celebrate 4 million members than a chance for you to create a trophy to celebrate this amazing milestone.

Why should you create a design for this Challenge?

Who better to design a trophy to celebrate this huge milestone than you? Your fellow members produce and share astonishing work every day. It's your chance to say thank you and nominate your favorite GrabCADrs for recognition. Include them in your entry and in the comments on this page.

The procedure for the 4 Million Member Trophy Challenge

1. Nominate your favorite engineers, tutorials, and models from the Community in the comments of this Challenge.
2. Design a 3D-printable trophy to celebrate 4 Million Members.
3. We will have awards in all kinds of categories including models, renderings, tutorials, and more!


1st place: Maketbot Replicator+, 3D printed model of the winning trophy design and an exclusive GrabCAD t-shirt.

2nd place: 3D printed model of the winning trophy design and an exclusive GrabCAD t-shirt.

3rd place: 3D printed model of the winning trophy design and an exclusive GrabCAD t-shirt.


  • Winning designs will:
    - Celebrate a year's worth of great contributions in the GrabCAD Community
    - Be 3D-printable without any additional fixtures
    - Be something an engineer would love to display on their desk

  • Your entry must include:
    - STL or other 3D printable CAD file format
    - Rendering
    - Description of your design thinking

  • You're encouraged to include:
    - More renderings!
    - Native CAD version
    - CAD file formats with color information

  • Printer Dimensions 490 x 390 x 200 mm (19.3 x 15.35 x 7.9 in.)


    The Challenge is open to everyone except employees and families of GrabCAD and the Sponsor. Multiple entries are welcome. Team entries are welcome.
    By entering the Challenge you:
    1. Accept the official GrabCAD Challenges Terms & Conditions.
    2. Agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges (Jury).
    3. Warrant that you are eligible to participate.
    4. Warrant that the submission is your original work.
    5. Warrant, to the best of your knowledge, your work is not, and has not been in production or otherwise previously published or exhibited.
    6. Warrant neither the work nor its use infringes the intellectual property rights (whether a patent, utility model, functional design right, aesthetic design right, trademark, copyright or any other intellectual property right) of any other person.
    7. Warrant participation shall not constitute employment, assignment or offer of employment or assignment.
    8. Are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement for any costs.
    9. Agree the Sponsor and GrabCAD have the right to promote all entries.
    If you think an entry may infringe on existing copyrighted materials, please email challenges@grabcad.com.

    Only entries uploaded to GrabCAD through the "Submit entry" button on this Challenge page will be considered an entry. Only public entries are eligible.
    We encourage teams to use GrabCAD Workbench for developing their entries.
    Entries are automatically given the tag "fourmillion" when uploading to GrabCAD. Please do not edit or delete this tag. Only entries with valid tag will participate in the Challenge.

    The sum of the Awards is the total gross amount of the reward. The awarded participant is solely liable for the payment of all taxes, duties and other similar measures if imposed on the reward pursuant to the legislation of the country of his/her residence, domicile, citizenship, workplace, or any other criterion of similar nature. Only 1 award per person. Prizes may not be transferred or exchanged.
    All winners will be contacted by the GrabCAD staff to get their contact information and any other information needed to get the prize to them. Payment of cash awards is made through PayPal. All team awards will be transferred to the member who entered the Challenge.

  • We will release the finalists before the announcement of the winners to give the Community an opportunity to share their favorites in the comments, discuss concerns, and allow time for any testing or analysis by the Jury. The Jury will take the feedback into consideration when picking the winners.

  • Winning designs will be chosen based on the Rules and Requirements.

  • This Challenge ends on October 27th, 2017 (23:59pm UTC).
    Finalists will be announced ( )

About The GrabCAD team!

GrabCAD is the community where engineers and designers from around the world come together to share, learn, and interact in the pursuit of developing innovative products.


  • Reza Allahyari

    Reza Allahyari 11 days ago

    Congratulations to everyone.

    Reza Allahyari has uploaded 138 CAD models & has left 1635 comments.
  • Mohammad Shubbak

    Mohammad Shubbak 10 days ago

    Great Challenge and Congratulations GRABCADers! I have a question, what are the dimensions required?

    Mohammad Shubbak has uploaded 159 CAD models & has left 1122 comments.
  • lk lk

    lk lk 10 days ago

    This is not suitable The GrabCad with four million users have a big limitation for Iranian engineers

    lk lk has uploaded 24 CAD models & has left 188 comments.
  • Olivia

    Olivia 10 days ago

    Mohammad Shubbak, I apologize for not adding those into the specifications. They are 490 x 390 x 200 mm (19.3 x 15.35 x 7.9 in.). Good luck!

    Olivia has uploaded 1 CAD models & has left 11 comments.
  • Mohammad Shubbak

    Mohammad Shubbak 9 days ago

    @Olivia, Thank you!

    Mohammad Shubbak has uploaded 159 CAD models & has left 1122 comments.
  • akhmad zulfan

    akhmad zulfan 9 days ago

    Is the prizes for engineer or the winning trophy ?

    akhmad zulfan has uploaded 2 CAD models & has left 3 comments.
  • Kaan Korkmaz

    Kaan Korkmaz 8 days ago

    Does the whole thing have to be printed as one piece? Or can parts be printed seperately and attached together?

    Kaan Korkmaz has uploaded 0 CAD models & has left 2 comments.
  • Ármin Fendrik

    Ármin Fendrik 7 days ago

    What printer will be used for the printing (nozzle diam, number of nozzles, hotend cooling etc.)? What is the maximal allowed overhang (or is soluble support material used)?

    Ármin Fendrik has uploaded 54 CAD models & has left 106 comments.
  • FredSWUG

    FredSWUG 7 days ago

    Obviously I am not a judge in this contest, but I am thinking about creating an entry. I love all of the design so far, and I wanted to add some thoughts which may stimulate some additional ideas:

    1. This model will be 3D printed, so small features may not build well
    2. 3D printed parts can be ugly without lots of prep work. If the trophy will not be finished, consider what it will look like in one color.
    4. If #2 is true, it would be best to not rely on paint, wood, glass, transparency, metal, or other materials / finishes.
    5. The model will be 3D printed, so that opens the door for complexity. No need for flat, or square parts which are more common for traditional manufacturing and mass production.
    6. I'm assuming "plastic" is the material being used to print, so thin portions will be fragile and prone to warping in heat.

    My own submission will likely not even follow all of the above ideas. I just wanted to share some ideas.

    Judges, please chime in if anything above is wrong.

    FredSWUG has uploaded 102 CAD models & has left 959 comments.
  • Aqil Ghaffar

    Aqil Ghaffar 6 days ago

    @Olivia, Can you please let us know either 3D printing you guyz are going to perform will be multi-color or it would be in single color. Secondly, if it is single color then would you guyz are considering painting it for textures or other colors.

    Aqil Ghaffar has uploaded 99 CAD models & has left 194 comments.
  • Roger-Marie Couture

    Roger-Marie Couture 6 days ago

    1. Nominate your favorite engineers, tutorials, and models from the Community in the comments of this Challenge.
    This nomination is for all the grabcad models or only for this challenge?
    Thanks for your answer.

    Roger-Marie Couture has uploaded 115 CAD models & has left 599 comments.
  • wolfgang gutleb

    wolfgang gutleb 5 days ago

    thx for the new challenge, its alays fun being at grabcad.....

    wolfgang gutleb has uploaded 10 CAD models & has left 104 comments.
  • FredSWUG

    FredSWUG 3 days ago

    *** Nominations for Engineers (alphabetical order) ***
    I'm sure there are a million more great members on the site, but everyone in this list has been helpful and kind to me. Thank you all:
    Andry Rodríguez Pérez, Dape, dea, dhananjay rehere, Ersin, Frederik Vollbrecht, G•Dmitriy•V, Hans de Ridder, lk lk, Lucius R.B, MAB ( Mehmet ), Mayara Gualberto, Özcan Özaltın, Robert H., Roger-Marie Couture, sallah essam, Shraddha Singh, SolidTweaks, Steen Winther, Stephen Nyberg, Taufiqul Islam, trinityscsp
    *** Nominations for tutorials (alphabetical order) ***
    Tutorials can take a long time to create, and getting few likes is disappointing. I hope a huge prize is planned for the best tutorial, this portion of the site really needs a spotlight put on it, and a big thank you to the contributors:
    Animation and Rendering with Simlab Composer
    Getting your Solidworks drawing lasercut ready
    Grenade Launcher SolidWorks tutorial Part 1
    Grenade Launcher SolidWorks tutorial Part 2
    Plastic basket in SolidWorks
    Some Keyshot Tips
    *** Nominations for models (alphabetical order) ***
    This is a tough one, there are thousands of models I'd like to nominate... I'll limit myself to 10 from this year. Sometimes it is the model, a color, the proportions, or the final render that I keep see when I close my eyes. These are some of the models I keep thinking of:
    1955 Ferrari Type 555 Super Squalo
    Carved decor vertical-01
    Cute StormTrooper
    IA-01 "Murakumo"
    LPG Carrier
    mechanical Leopard
    Schwertwal (Orca)
    Tamiya King Hauler Truck Complete
    Tram Station Design And Istanbul Tram

    FredSWUG has uploaded 102 CAD models & has left 959 comments.
  • wolfgang gutleb

    wolfgang gutleb 3 days ago

    besides anyone who is dedicated to cad/cam i'd like to nominate TRINITYSCSP for a trophy. tremendously good sense for mechanics and really a producer.

    wolfgang gutleb has uploaded 10 CAD models & has left 104 comments.
  • Thibaut Servière

    Thibaut Servière about 12 hours ago

    For the favorite engineer it has to be Jason Murray (grabcad.com/jason.murray-2) and for the favorite model, I'm going to choose this one grabcad.com/library/ford-gt-2016-concept-1 !
    For the tutorial, I haven't read many so I won't be able to choose one !

    Thibaut Servière has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 1 comments.

    REDA DJABRI about 2 hours ago

    Hi all,
    Witness that I warned Yeaaaaah,
    Breaky Grab

    REDA DJABRI has uploaded 65 CAD models & has left 755 comments.
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