Tutorial: How to make a Working Spring.

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Hi! This is another tutorial for making same spring in NX. model is uploaded http://grabcad.com/library/spring-working I hope you will like this.

Tuto_Texte en 3D sur surfaces Cylindriques_Volumique_Surfacique_ texte extension dxf_CATIA V5

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الدقة الهندسية Tutorial Réaliser par Mr EL MOUAKKAR HICHAM Le 09 Août 2021 Méthode de projeter texte en 3D sur une surface cylindrique A la fin de Vidéo Vous trouverez une présentation Montrant les étapes afin d’obtenir texte sur le volume Cylindrique A suivre …

solidworks advanced tutorials 110 | Sweep with composite curve

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To create a sweep feature the Sweep Path gets created first, then and a single closed sketch Profile. The Profile will be related to the Sweep Path with a PIERCE or a coincident relation. When the Profile is swept, the Sweep Path and Guide Curves help control the shape and its behaviors such as twisting, tangencies, etc. The Composite Curve I ~I option allows multiple sketches or model edges to be jointed into one continuous path for use in sweep features. (The sketches must be connecting with one another in order for the composite curve to work. This lesson will guide you through the creation of a helical extension spring; where several 2D sketches will be combined with a 3D helix to create one continuous curve. This curve is called: Composite Curve.

How to model a Go-Kart or FSAE chassis in CREO

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In this tutorial i will show you how to build a chassis model for your go-kart/FSAE using AFX/EFX Extension in Creo Parametric