How to Raise Your GrabCAD Score

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Your score on GrabCAD is not terribly important, but it is nice to have a better score, and not be "ranked" dead last on a site with four million users. What can you do to increase your score?

PolyJet 3D Printing: How to Assign Colors in GrabCAD Print

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When you import a part into GrabCAD Print and you have color options, it'll default to white. This tutorial teaches you how to apply colors using the improved PolyJet panel and Pantone™ Color Library selection tool. This tutorial is great for users with the Stratasys J55, J8 Series and other PolyJet printers.

Variable Density FDM parts with Advanced FDM in GrabCAD Print

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A tutorial on how to create an FDM part with discrete zones with different infill patterns & densities. This is a great but simple tactic for reducing the print time and cost of your designs as well as making them both stiff and lightweight.

How to Ask a (Good) Question on GrabCAD

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This tutorial is about asking a question in the best way possible so you increase the chance of getting quality answers. There are many examples of bad questions posted every week. Let's work to improve the quality of questions asked, and answers given.

How to get GrabCAD Print Certification Badge.

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In this tutorial i will show you how to achieve or unlock GrabCAD Print Certification badge.

Pre-Printing Tips for Rigid Opaque and Transparent PolyJet Materials

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This tutorial gives you tips for how to use various rigid materials on Stratasys PolyJet printers. This includes the entire Vero family, as well as the VeroVivids, VeroFlex, VeroClear, and FullCure720 (also known as RGD720). You can truly optimize final results for these materials if you know how to best utilize GrabCAD Print settings for part orientation, printing mode, surface finish, grid style, material selection, tray preparation, and other factors. Below, we will show you how. The information in this tutorial is applicable to GrabCAD Print version 1.32 and above. Older versions may differ slightly.

How to create a rim of an Audi R8 ?

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How to Create the Perfect GrabCAD Tutorial

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GrabCAD Tutorials have some exciting new features I want to make sure you're aware of. I'll also recap a few overall best practices for creating and publishing a Tutorial so you get the most out of sharing your Tutorial.

How to Lower Your 3D Printer Material Cost Using this Trick in GrabCAD Print

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GrabCAD Print has multiple features that allow you to lower your 3D printer material cost, including making parts hallow, optimizing the orientation, and re-scaling. Learn how to apply these options here!

How to 3D Print a Detailed & Accurate Model of the Earth

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Learn how to create a realistic 3D textured model of the Earth using Rhino, GrabCAD Print and Stratasys 3D printers. I also review how to select the right part priority and how to test prints for the perfect color.

How to Import 3MF Files from SOLIDWORKS Into GrabCAD Print

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GrabCAD Print’s latest update allows 3MF to be imported from industry standard CAD tools like SOLIDWORKS. In this tutorial we will review how to create a 3MF file in SOLIDWORKS , and enable GrabCAD Print to allow for 3MF imports. This tutorial is applicable to GrabCAD Print version 1.40 and above.

3D Printing Software: Getting Started With GrabCAD Print

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GrabCAD Print is an intuitive 3D printing tool for professionals that works across Stratasys printers. With the cloud-enabled software, users can print, schedule, report on printer utilization and material usage, and monitor print jobs from anywhere. Here's how to easily get started using GrabCAD Print.


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Today I want to share a clear example of the correct use of mathematics applied to design, designing a dodecahedron in solidworks, but not a solid body, if not one more elaborated using other tools offered by SOLIDWORKS, in this tutorial. Do you enjoy it

Fusion360 | Impossible Geometry - illusion 🤔 | Autodesk

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Detailed tutorial on Designing of Impossible Geometry (Geometric illusion) Fusion 360. ~ Subtitle added for steps. Thank You. LIKE | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE #3dprinting #Illusion #magic #CADMOHIT #Grabcad #catia #fusion360 #autodesk #dessaultsystem #CAD #CAm #CAE #india

Assigning transparency for PolyJet in GrabCAD Print

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GrabCAD Print for PolyJet offers a number of settings to achieve transparency. Several factors determine which options to use, and which options are enabled. Depending on the specific needs and circumstances, you can utilize the transparency slider, the Alpha input channel, the Translucent checkbox, various digital materials (DMs), or direct VeroClear assignment. This tutorial will explain what each transparency setting in GrabCAD Print does and how each works, so users can understand their options and the differences between them.