Convert STL (or OBJ) Mesh to SOLIDWORKS Model (NURBS)

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Need to convert an STL (or OBJ) file into a "real CAD model"? There are several tutorials which already exists for this topic. I'm making a new tutorial to give additional information.

How to Complete Your CAD Homework

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Models like this are common homework assignments for CAD students. Let's learn some skills to convert an isometric drawing into a 3D model. SOLIDWORKS is used, but these skills apply to any 3D CAD program.

How to Create GIF file After Rendering?? ( Solidworks + Keyshot + Photoscape)

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So many Engineers asking me to How to create GIF file which is Shown in Your profile picture.. So Here is the Answer...

Modelling of Impeller

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Modelling of Impeller

Spoon Basket

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Injection plastic products for spoon basket. Shaped woven on the motif. Use main command: 1. Revolved Boss 2. Thicken 3. Dome 4. Split 5. Curve Driven Pattern 6. Circular Pattern You can download this model at: https://grabcad.com/library/tempat-sendok-spoon-basket-1

(VIDEO TUTORIAL)تمارين سوليدو{​كس (Solidworks Exercises in arabic)

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اكثر من 20 تمرين بأستخدام سوليدوركس Solidworks Exercises تمارين سوليدوركس تدريب سوليدوركس تدريبات سوليدوركس SOLIDWORKS exercise سوليدوركس pdf Model mania

Tutorial : How to model involute gear in Creo 3.0

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How to model involute (evolvent) gear in Creo 3.0

Learn catia V5 Tutorials for beginners | Chopper | Part 1 💙

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Learn catia V5 Tutorials for beginners | Chopper | Part 1 💙

Alternative method to find CAD models

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Here's an alternative, more reliable method to search for CAD models on GrabCAD, or any other site for that matter. This method is especially helpful when looking for a specific CAD model or key phrase. It can also be used to quickly find information on forums and other help sites. Here's an overview of what this tutorial will be covering: Limit search to specific site: site:<website link> Require certain words to be included: "must include in this order" Exclude unwanted results: -unwanted

#Solidworks 2020-Exhaust Manifold

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Hello friends, I will upload a video tutorial on how to design a exhaust manifold in Solidworks 2020 very soon. Wait for the video. Thanks.

Converting 2D drawing to 3D Model in AutoCAD 2007

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This is a tutorial showing how to convert 2D projected drawings to a 3D model on AutoCAD 2007

Modelling of Piping Part

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Use for connecting two pipe at rectangle.

How to create accurate model of an Airfoil? -SW-

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Here is the answer:

Tutorial: How to model a wide-chord fan in CATIA

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Steps below. Here is the link to the original files. http://grabcad.com/library/high-bypass-turbofan-front-fan

Motion Study with Solidworks, Best Explained.

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There is chain mechanism of a ball going through spiral path and hits a lever and lever releases another ball which will hit to circular disk and disk will rotate and move in front of your screen and there is a message written on the other side of the disk, after rotating it you are able read it. Enjoy.